Silver Lake Lakeview Cemetery

Posted on January 31st, 2017

For plot information or questions please contact:

PhilZile 260-352-2791 (LocalPhone)  ,260-901-9016 (CellNumber) or

(1st call Open and Closings, 1st for Lot Sales)

Molly Bradford 260-352-2638 (Local Phone), 574-551-1815 (Cell Number) or

(2nd call Open and Closings, 2nd for Lot Sales)

Wayne Spratt 260-352-2828 (Local Phone), 574-551-9272 (Cell Number) or

( 3rd for Open and Closings)

Marlin Carr 574-267-5858 (Local Phone), 260-431-7043 (Cell Number) or

Luke Bradford 574-551-1814 (Cell Number) or

Morris Jones 260-352-2227 (Local Phone), 574-371-7105  (Cell Number) or

Mike Weller  260-352-2923 (Local Phone), 574-532-7650   (Cell Number) or

Adam Heckaman 727-808-4394  (Cell Number) or

Burial & Space Fees:

Vault     (Weekday and Sat.)   Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care       $500 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )

Vault     (Sunday and Holiday)   Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care       $525 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )

Infant   (Small Vault)    Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care       $325 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )

Cremation    Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care       $200/$225 Small/Large


Space Fees 4’x12’

Single space purchase $400

Multiple space purchase $333 (6 Spaces) = $2000

Burial Space Options

  1. One Vault Space

2. One Vault and one Creation per space

3. Two Cremations per space

Foundation Policy

Cemetery Board is to be contacted before placement of Monuments and Foundations.

All Foundations are to be 24” deep with 12” on each end for urns with a 4” wash in front and back.

All single spaces foundations require a full 48” concrete foundation.

A two space monument requires a minimum of 12” on each end but does not require a full 96” foundation.

It is recommended by the Board to pour a 24” X 48” concrete foundation on all spaces owned.

Fees and Permits mail to:

Silver Lake Cemetery Association PO Box 242
Silver Lake, IN 46982