Silver Lake Youth League

For league information please visit the following:


Silver Lake Lion's Club

Silver Lake Lion’s Club meets on the first and third Mondays of every month at the Silver Lake Lion’s Club at 7:00 pm. New members are always welcome.

For building rental of the Lion’s Club or Conservation building, please call Nichole Taylor at 574-551-2198.

For Club information, please contact Marlin J. Carr at 574-267-5858.

Club sponsors fish fry the second Saturday of the months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April. Fry begins at 4:00 pm and is located at the Silver Lake Conservation Club at 108 S. Elm St., Silver Lake. Carry out only.

Club sponsor BINGO every Saturday evening beginning at 6:00 pm at the Silver Lake Lion’s Building. Some holiday weekends excluded. Doors open at 5:00 pm.

Silver Lake Lakeview Cemetery

For plot information or questions please contact:

Phil Zile 260-352-2791 (Local Phone), 260-901-9016 (Cell Number) or
(1st call Open and Closings, 1st for Lot Sales)

Molly Bradford 260-352-2638 (Local Phone), 574-551-1815 (Cell Number) or
(2nd call Open and Closings, 2nd for Lot Sales)

Wayne Spratt 260-352-2828 (Local Phone), 574-551-9272 (Cell Number) or
(3rd for Open and Closings)

Marlin Carr 574-267-5858 (Local Phone), 260-431-7043 (Cell Number) or

Luke Bradford 574-551-1814 (Cell Number) or

Morris Jones 260-352-2227 (Local Phone), 574-371-7105 (Cell Number) or

Mike Weller 260-352-2923 (Local Phone), 574-532-7650 (Cell Number) or

Adam Heckaman 727-808-4394 (Cell Number) or

Burial & Space Fees:

  • Vault (Weekday and Sat.) Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care $500 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )
  • Vault (Sunday and Holiday) Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care $525 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )
  • Infant (Small Vault) Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care $325 ( Thaw Fee + $50 )
  • Cremation Opening/Closing & Perpetual Care $200/$225 Small/Large

Space Fees 4’x12’

  • Single space purchase $400
  • Multiple space purchase $333 (6 Spaces) = $2000

Burial Space Options:

  • One Vault Space
  • One Vault and one Creation per space
  • Two Cremations per space

Foundation Policy:

  • Cemetery Board is to be contacted before placement of Monuments and Foundations.
  • All Foundations are to be 24” deep with 12” on each end for urns with a 4” wash in front and back.
  • All single spaces foundations require a full 48” concrete foundation.
  • A two space monument requires a minimum of 12” on each end but does not require a full 96” foundation.
  • It is recommended by the Board to pour a 24” X 48” concrete foundation on all spaces owned.

Fees and Permits mail to:
Silver Lake Cemetery Association
PO Box 242
Silver Lake, IN 46982